Table of contents

1. Intro
2. Divide it into layers
3. Add some OOP
4. Under the hood
5. Example


Well, I like Express.js for its minimalism and beginner-friendliness — this framework is really easy to use. But when code grows, you need a way to organize it somehow. Unfortunately, Express.js doesn’t provide any convenient way to do it, so we developers must organize it by ourselves.

Divide it into layers

For convenience, let’s divide our server application into separate layers.

  1. Controller — a server unit that receives particular data from the client and passes it to the Service layer
  2. Service — business logic, i.e. pieces of…

A meme that describes everything

Well, developer path is a hard one, and especially, if you take it by yourself. My path started about one and a half years ago, and I’ve got a pretty good experience in programming for these years.

The best thing I’ve been doing while learning programming is practice. It’s very important to practice every skill/knowledge/framework that you learn, so for every big thing that I learn I try to build some sort of an app. Let’s take a look at my most recent one!

I’ve been building this app for >3 months, and now I’m proud to show you what…

Denis Nikulin

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